Kilkenny People: 4 April  1914
“The People”reports on a public meeting held in the Tholsel to address the issue of votes for women. Miss Helen Frazer was the speaker Read More

Easter Week 1916  in Kilkenny

The Diaries Of Florence Hackett 
 An account of the events of Easter week in Kilkenny:
“No papers arrived in Kilkenny on Monday morning, April 24; I put it down to the holiday. Later I learned that an excursion train met with an accident near Maryboro, having run off the rails…….” Read more
Her diaries, of which this forms a part, are the property of Cork Historical & Archaeological Society and are reproduced here with their kind permission

Kilkenny People: 27 May 1916
A letter from a  “Disgusted Kilkenny” woman is published. The letter was written in reply to remarks made by Lord Desart in the House of Lords  about the Rising in Kilkenny. Read More



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Easter Rising: Events
document outling the main events of Easter Week

The events of Easter week

All Quiet
Easter Rising

Kilkenny People reports the Rising


"Easter 1916". Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Easter_1916.jpg#mediaviewer/File:Easter_1916.jpg

The Ruins of Dublin