National Movements

Home Rule Movement

DIGITAL CAMERADIGITAL CAMERA Home Rule Rejoicings: Home Rule rejoicing; 
Home Rule postponed: Home Rule on the Statute Book in “suspended animation”; 
Mr. Redmond’s Visit: Kilkenny Journal on Mr Redmond’s Visit (October 21st 1914);
Rifles for National Volunteers: City Corps of the Volunteers obtain 100 rifles with bayonets;
Rifles September 1914: Thank you to to Mr Pat O Brien MP from Kilkenny City;

Suffragette Movement

Women’s Suffrage :  burning of a County Antrim Mansion;


3rd  December 1913: Editorial on Volunteers: Kilkenny Journal  article on the Irish Volunteers;
26th  November 1913: Hobson in Kilkenny: Demonstration in Kilkenny in honour of the Manchester Martyrs;
Bennetsbridge Volunteers:  An account of a meeting of the Bennetsbridge Volunteers held in September 1914;
Dependants Fund: Some crossed cheques;
Organising the Volunteers 1914: Organising the Volunteers in Kilkenny; DIGITAL CAMERA
Rifles, Subs and Committee: Rifles and bayonets for the Volunteers; 
Sir Roger Casement’s speech: Sir Roger Casement makes a speech in Kilkenny;
The Martyred Three: from the Kilkenny People (27/11/1915): The Manchester Martyrs;
The Volunteers in Kilkenny 1914 to 1916:  History of the Volunteers in Kilkenny;
 Founding of Volunteers in Kilkenny 5th March 1914: Kilkenny Journal  article on the founding of the Volunteers in Kilkenny;
A Company: a list of the Officers, NCO’s and men of A Company Kilkenny 1916;
Irish  Volunteers Kilkenny 1916: article by Jim Maher and PJ Hennessy from notes left by Tom Treacy, Jim DeLoughry, Jim Byrne (VEC) and Peter DeLoughry;

Gaelic League

Proposed_Irish_Week 1916: plans for an Irish week in Kilkenny;
Kilkenny Gaelic League: Committee Meeting of the Local Branch of the Gaelic League; 
The Early Years of the Gaelic League, an article By  Liam O Bolguidhir in the Old Kilkenny Review;
Kilkenny Gaelic League Meeting 29th January: Proposed Irish Week and the issue of authorised and unauthorised collections;
Gaelic League two branches: Two branches and the failure to hold a Feis in 1915;


President of the GAA, sometime resident of Troysgate Kilkenny;

James Nolan shakes the hand  of Michael Collins , Kilkenny v Dublin 1921

James Nowlan and Michael Collins  Kilkenny v Dublin 1921