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Kilkenny Newspaper  Extracts: Page 1: 1914, Page 2: 1915,  Page 3: 1916

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January 1916
Jan 1:  (Kilkenny People) Conscription. Military Cross: Conscription on the way?
Jan 1:  Torpedoed: Kilkenny man’s ship  torpedoed and he  lives to tell the tale;
Jan 8:  Letter re two Gaelic League Branches: letter in the Kilkenny Journal
Jan 8:  Northcliffe and Conscription. Explosives Act, Trial by Jury: Kilkenny People is unhappy with the Northcliffe Press;
Jan 8 :  Newsboys, The Great War, Recruiting, Prisoners, Cigarettes: High Mass celebrated for those killed in the war, entertainment in Kilkenny Theatre, cigarettes for soldiers;
Jan 16:  (Kilkenny People) Dissension in Irish Party. Workhouse French Leave.: possible split in the Irish Party and retirement of John Redmond;
Jan 22:  (Kilkenny People) Education Cutbacks and Mayoralty: two candidates for the mayoralty Magennis and DeLoughry;

February 1916
Feb 5/12: Allocation of Corporation Houses,  Rates: Council supports Irish Employment Bureau, allocates tenancies  and considers their Budget; 
Feb 5: Charitable and Benevolent Societies. Restrictions on paper.(KP): Annual Meeting in the Town Hall reports relief for up to 1,800 people, Import restrictions on paper to affect newspapers;
Feb 6: Recruiting: Viceroy’s Report: Figures on numbers already recruited and estimations of numbers of potential recruitees; 
Feb 12: The Desart Hall: Desart Hall informally opened with a dance; 
Feb 19: Typographical Association and wartime paper restrictions: The association passes a resolution expressing alarm at the import restrictions on paper; 
Feb 26: Gaelic League Central Branch concert: preparations for St Patricks night concert progressing satisfactorily;

March 1916
Mar 4/25: Irish Volunteers. Post Office Closure. Conduct of the war: Verdun and the huge casualties and other snippets

April 1916
Apr 15: Deportations and Government Appointments: “Truce or Farce”
Apr 22: Deportations and threat of coercion. (Kilkenny People): code of Law more  draconian in Batchelor’s Walk than in Sandy Row; 
Apr 26:  Easter Week Wednesday edition of  Kilkenny Journal: No communication with the Metropolis; 
Apr 29: Report of Rising on Saturday of Easter Week: Kilkenny Journal brings the first report of the Rising;
Apr 29:  The Kilkenny People in Easter Week: Kilkenny People Editorial;

May 1916
May 6: Big Military Force in Kilkenny: Troops arrive and City under Martial Law;
May 6: Full report of the Rising (Kilkenny People): Including some accounts from Kilkenny residents caught up in the Rising;
May 6: Appeal for funds. Canon Murphy: help needed for wives and children of those detained under Martial Law;
May 6: Arrests, Executions Excursionists (Kilkenny Journal): Executions and arrests including sensational arrests in Kilkenny;
May 6: Incidents (Kilkenny People): accounts of Kilkenny residents who were caught up in the Rising;
May 6: (Journal and Moderator): Martial Law and Kilkenny Prisoners: accounts of Martial law and arrests;
May 6: (Kilkenny People). Kilkenny Gentlemen’s Exciting Experience : first hand description of some of the events of the Rising;
May 7: The Moon Behind the Hill: “the castle and the mill” famous Kilkenny song and its background;
May 13: Inquest on Patrick Bealen (Kilkenny People): death of ‘Comer man in North King St;
May 13: (Kilkenny People) Angel of Death: The death of John Kealy a merchant from Upper John Street;
May 13: (Kilkenny Journal) Death and Funeral of John Kealy: city searched for arms, Kilkenny soldier dies of gas poisoning
May 13: (Kilkenny People) Martial Law in Operation: numerous arrests in the city, prisoners removed to Dublin, searches for arms;
May 20: (Kilkenny People) The Old John Dillon:  Mr Dillon in the House of Commons;
May 20: (Kilkenny People) Dillon on Skeffington: Dillon speaks in the House of Commons on the Sheehy Skeffington murder;
May 20: (Kilkenny People) The Voice of the People: Kilkenny selected for an extra special dose of Martial Law;
May 20: Pat O’Brien M.P. Corporation Resolution: Corporation appeals to Kilkenny MP to intervene on behalf of the Kilkenny prisoners;
May 27: (Kilkenny People) Censorship: Kilkenny people editor summoned by the press Censor;
May 27: (Kilkenny People) County Council Amnesty Demand: amnesty sought for rank and file of the insurgents and a trial for the leadership;
May 27: (Kilkenny People) UDC letter from Meagher MP: MPs hopeful of early release of Kilkenny prisoners;
May 27: (Kilkenny People). Letter from Mr. M. Keating MP: letter to Editor of the Kilkenny People outlining the latest developments around prisoners, executions and the way forward;
May 27: Kilkenny People. letter re Lord Desart. May 27: Disgusted Kilkennywoman regales against Martial law, the death of John Kealy and lord Desarts Speech in the House of Lords;

June 1916
Jun 3: (Kilkenny People) Voice of the People censored :Editor uses blank spaces to highlight censorship;
Jun 3: (Kilkenny People) Neath the Shadow.GAA: Match between Tullaroan and Thomastown arranged, The GAA and Politics;
Jun 3: (Kilkenny People) Nowlan, Colbert(1): Alderman Nowlan in Wakefield, an account of the death of Con Colbert;
Jun 3: (Kilkenny People) The Kilkenny prisoners: Report from Corporation meeting; 
Jun 3:  Kilkenny  Prisoners. Interview. County Council Vice chair . slates Keating:  six prisoners released, Council member slates  MP; 
Jun 10: (Kilkenny People) Libelling the Gaelic League: Major Price accused of libelling the Gaelic league;
Jun 10: (Kilkenny People) How Colbert died: letter from the Evening Herald outlining the tre account of the death of Con Colbert;
Jun 10: (Kilkenny People). Voice . Convention: Appeal to frame a new Constitution for Ireland;
Jun 1 : (Kilkenny People) Skeffington’s Father: letter from the father of Francis Sheehy Skeffington, pacifist, who was killed during the Easter Rising;

July and August 1916
July 1: (Kilkenny People) Waterford County Inspector congratulated: An example for Kilkenny;
July 1: (Kilkenny People) Kilkenny Feis: Feis held on June 29th. Fr William Hackett was the main speaker and a hurling match between All Ireland Champions Leix and Kilkenny took place;
July: Death of John Daly (Kilkenny People): A Fenian and Freeman of Kilkenny;
July 12 and Aug 12: (Kilkenny People) Bishop O’Dwyer: Letters to National Schools in the Diocese of Limerick;
July 22: (Kilkenny Journal) Kilkenny Board of Guardians: Resolution critical of John Redmond;
July: (Kilkenny People) Clipping the Constituency: proposal to merge the Borough of Kilkenny with North Kilkenny;

September and October 1916
Sep 2: (Kilkenny People) Kilkenny Prisoners Aid: Donation to National Association;
Sep 2 and Oct 11: Post Office Clerks re-instated and wounded soldiers at Auteven Hospital

Kilkenny Newspaper  Extracts: Page 1: 1914, Page 2: 1915,  Page 3: 1916