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Kilkenny Newspaper  Extracts: Page 1: 1914, Page 2: 1915,  Page 3: 1916

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January 1915
Jan 2: National Volunteers: Arming the Volunteers
Jan 16 & 23:  Death of soldier. Court case.: Kilkenny soldier killed in Cork
Jan 29Kilkenny Gaelic League. meeting of the Gaelic League and proposed Irish week
Jan 30:  Volunteer Review Arrangements: National Review Of Volunteers
Jan 30: Zeppelins: Description of Zeppelins 
Jan 30:  Mayoral Election: Mr Magennis reelected

February 1915
Feb 3:  Corbett-Wilson, Feb27 Breslin, Fletcher : First airman across the Irish Sea;
Feb 6: Prisoners of War KP: Kilkenny Prisoners of War;
Feb 13 and 25:  Kilkenny People and Moderator: extracts from local papers
Feb 20:  KP Mail boat and VC:  Steamers from Belfast and dublin, Irish VC hero;
Feb 27:  Death of Patrick Breslin, Fenian: death of Patrick Breslin who rescued James Stephens;

March 1915
Mar:  Remount Squadron recruiting: Recruiting men to train horses;
Mar 3:  Soldier’s Death, Separation Allowances: Death of a Kilkenny soldier, separation allowances for spouses and children;
Mar 5: The first car tax fine: Fine for an unlicensed “motor bicycle”

April 1915
Apr 10:  National Volunteer Review in Dublin:  40 special trains bring thousands to Dublin;
Apr 10: Recruiting in Kilkenny: Army Recruiting Officers in Kilkenny;
Apr 15:  Kilkenny Lusitania Survivor: Michael Byrne gives an account of the Lusitania;
Apr 19: National Volunteers KP” Volunteer Review and Kilkenny;

May 1915
May 22: Corbett-Wilson killed (Kilkenny People) : Death of an aviator;
May 22:  (Kilkenny People) News from the front: Another soldier killed;

June 1915
June 5:  death from gas, concentration camp : Kilkenny sodiers killed by gas
June 12:  The Dardanelles (Kilkenny People): letter from a soldier
June 19/28:  Charlie Chaplin in the Cinema. The Gaelic League in the Theatre
June 19:  The Hanford Estate: Major Hanford’s Burnchurch Estate
June 23:  Vaccination (Kilkenny People):  Bishop and PP with opposing views
June/Jul/Aug Lady Desart,  Fr. Delahunty, O’Donovan Rossa funeral: Fr Delahunty’s speech about the Hanford Estate, Tributes to O Donovan Rossa

July 1915
Jul 3: The Hanford Estate: Kilkenny Journal editorial  on Major Hanford and his Tenantry
Jul 5: Drowning, Irish Recruiting, Irish Prisoners of war:  Boy drowns trying to recover a ball
Jul 17: Lord Chief Baron berates the farmers. Orders of expulsion: slackers in the farming community

August 1915
Aug 7: Rossa funeral Huge demonstration at the funeral of O Donovan Rossa
Aug 7/14 Kilkenny Prisoners of War. Bantam Battalions (Kilkenny Journal): men  now can enlist in “Bantam Battalions”, Appeal for Kilkenny Prisoners of War

September 1915
Sep 4: Recruiting at Callan: large attendance at a recruiting meeting in Callan
Sep 18/25: Land Acts. A Kilkenny Hero: Kilkenny soldier awarded Medal for bravery

October 1915
Oct 2:  Editorial on Gaelic League AGM: “the spirit of faction”
Oct 2: Gaelic League AGM extract: Why was the Feis abandoned?
Oct 2/23:  (Kilkenny Journal) Two branches of Gaelic League
Oct 9:  (Kilkenny People) Recruiting Disturbed at Graig: prosecutions under the Defence of the Realm Act
Oct 9: Recruiting Graig (Kilkenny Journal)
Oct 16: A Shebeen in John Street : selling intoxicating liquor without being duly  licensed to do so
Oct 23: (Kilkenny Journal) O’Donovan Branch  AGM:  Inaugural meeting (Gaelic League)
Oct 23:The Corporation and Dr. Bernard: Corporation passes a motion of congratulations to Protestant Bishop;

November 1915
Nov 3:  (Kilkenny Journal): Recruiting adv: Appeal by the Lord Lieutenant;
Nov 6: (Kilkenny Journal): County Convention UIL: United Irish League opposing conscription;
Nov 13:  Reminiscence of Tenant Right meeting in the 1870s: “No heads broken”
Nov 13:  National Volunteers County Committee (Kilkenny Journal): Meetings and rifle competition;
Nov 13:  Recruiting in Kilkenny: Lord Lieutenant appeals to Magistrates to help with recruiting;
Nov 13:  Smithwick death (Kilkenny Journal):  Death of Captain JA Smithwick;
Nov 27 : (Kilkenny People) The Martyed Three: Anniversary of the Manchester Martyrs

December 1915
Dec 27: Recruiting in Kilkenny (2): Listen to an old priest’s warning!

Kilkenny Newspaper  Extracts: Page 1: 1914, Page 2: 1915,  Page 3: 1916