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Kilkenny Newspaper  Extracts: Page 1:1914, Page 2:1915,  Page 3:1916

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Manchester Martyrs Anniversary:  29 November 1913

January 1914
Jan 5:  Corporation Minutes : The provision of a bicycle for Borough Engineers Assistant;
Jan 10: The Exclusion of Ulster: Unionists vote to exclude “Ulster” from Home Rule;
Jan 17: Municipal Election and  United Irish League, North Kilkenny Constituency: Irish Parliamentary Party; 
Jan 24: William O’Brien and the Cork elections: Mr O Brien resigns again;
Jan 24: William O’Brien resigns: defeat of the All-for-Ireland candidates; 
Jan 31: Kilkenny Mayoral election: outsider wins handsomely;
Jan 31: (Kilkenny People) on Mayoral election: “let us for the sake of Kilkenny forget the past”
Jan 31:  Redmond’s visit to  Waterford: “All the talk of civil war in Ulster was absurd”

February 1914
Feb 7: Town Tenants Association and  Market Prices: Annual Meeting of the Kilkenny Branch and prices at the Kilkenny and Waterford markets; 
Feb 21: Women’s Rights? : Court Case; No man is entitled to assault his wife;

March 1914
Mar 5: Thomas McDonagh’s address: “Go on the young blood”
Mar 5: Volunteers founded in Kilkenny : Torch light procession, Public meeting on the Parade;
Mar 5: Sir Roger Casement’s speech “I have a good heart, It is an Irish heart”;
Mar 21: Motor Bus service and Votes for women:  The ‘Comer Bus, Kilkenny Suffrage Society; 
Mar 21, Mar 26, Apr 4: Mayors Court and Petty Sessions, Hurlers,  Suffrage and Ulster Exclusion: illegal gaming at the Banba Hall;

April 1914
April and May: Meetings of the Volunteers Committees: recruits going through their drills in a whole hearted manner;
March to June: Volunteers in Kilkenny City and County: Movement spreading like wildfire; 
Apr 8:The Final Stages of the Home Rule Bill: 2nd reading of the Home Rule Bill passes with a substantial majority;
Apr 8: The Suffrage Question: Women and the Franchise, “In the golden age of Ireland women had equal rights to men”;
Apr 11: Behind the Scenes: New “electric plant” installed in the Theatre by Messrs Edmunson of Dublin;
Apr 11: Waste basket – Corporation dispute on Home Rule and Ulster Exclusion;
Apr 25: Irish Volunteer Movement in Kilkenny: names of persons “desirous to enlist” taken at City Hall at 9 o’clock every Wednesday night;
Apr 25: Comic Opera Army: some additional light on the Curragh Mutiny: evidence of blundering;
Apr 29, May 8: Co-operatives, Motor Van for deliveries and the  Canal Walk: cycling restricted on the Canal Walk, The Monster House gets a delivery van.

May 1914
May 9: Petty Sessions and Mayor’s Court: Cars and bicycles without lights, Italian ice cream vendor summoned,  riotous conduct and drunkenness;  
May 9: Captain Laracy: Kilkenny man who fought in the Boer War, “heroic fight of the brave Boer farmers against the might of England”
May 16: Home Rule Bill and Partition: long drawn out drama becoming wearisome;
May 16:Unionist versus Home Ruler in Council Elections:Fogarty versus Wandesforde, candidates appeal to voters;
May 16: Feis invitation row : “Mayor should be the principal party and play second fiddle to nobody”
May 23: Feis – A Gala Day: ideal weather for the Feis, held in St James’s  Park to accommodate the crowds;
May 30: Kilkenny Commercial School, “wanted intelligent boys and girls” , prosecution for playing hurling in the streets;
May 30: Castlecomer Election: large meeting after mass in Clogh;
May 30: Volunteers Johnswell, Three Castles and Goresbridge, “Three Castles men ready to take their stand with the rest of Nationalist Ireland”;

June 1914
June 6: Volunteer Movement spreads in Co Kilkenny: a defensive movement appealing to “the manhood of Ireland to preserve the territorial integrity of the country”;
Jun 6: National Volunteers:  Equipment fund appeal by Eoin Mac Neill;
Jun 6: Editorial on the Volunteer Movement “necessity to the political development of the country”
Jun 13: The Triennial Elections: election results;
Jun 13: Post election letters of thanks: Thank you letters to the papers from successful and unsuccessful candidates;
Jun 13: Volunteer Movement: Redmond’s letter: Redmond outlines conditions for full support of the movement;
Jun 13: Kilmanagh Volunteer Meeting  public meeting to establish a corps of Volunteers;
Jun 13: Serious accident at Outrath: Car collides with a pony and trap;
Jun 20, 24 Kilkenny Moderator: Castlecomer election aftermath; some disquiet among Nationalists;

July 1914
Jul 18: Water supply for Castlecomer: offer from Mr Wandesforde to provide a water supply for the town;
Jul 22: United Irish League Branches: The United Irish league was the constituency organisation of the Irish Parliamentary Party; 
Jul 29: Batchelor’s Walk. The King’s Own Scottish Borderers: trouble  at Volunteer March; Soldiers open fire on civilians; 
Jul 29: The Military Outrage: report on the events surrounding the Howth gun running and shootings: 
Jul 29Volunteers Callan, Conahy, Pitt. Convention. Redmond; Conahy Volunteers file into Church for evening devotions after drill on the Gragara parade grounds: 

August 1914
Aug 1: Fraudulent Minute: Kilkenny Journal unhappy at the events surrounding the shooting of civilians;
Aug 8: Reservists called up, War fever hits Kilkenny;
Aug 15: Johnswell entertainment: two nights entertainment in the Johnswell school house in aid of the school;
Aug 15 and Nov 7: Spies –  “German Spy” arrested in Gathabawn; German POWs moved to Kilkenny gaol;
Aug 29: Volunteer Sports and the  Prince of Wales Relief Fund: Prizes and donations for the Volunteer athletic cycling and regimental sports and gymkhana to be held in St James’s Park;

September 1914
Sep 4:General McCalmont and Thomastown Sports: General McCalmount judges the Volunteers Drill display, Bennetsbridge unhappy;
Sep 5:  Bennetsbridge Volunteers: Volunteers outline their reasons for protest about Thomastown Sports;
Sep 9: Cheque Volunteer Equipment Fund: Cheque signed by Peter DeLoughry after the Volunteer split;
Sep 16: Home Rule Postponed (Kilkenny People): “Thank you for Nothing”
Sep 19: Home Rule: Pat O Brien MP sends a telegram to Mayor John Magennis about the Home Rule Bill;
Sep: King’s Speech: Home Rule Bill gets Royal assent;
Sep 19: Mons, Royal Irish Regiment, Smithwick: the Battle of Mons, Smithwick injured and a prisoner;
Sep 23: Rifles, Subs and Committee: supply of serviceable rifles secured;
Sep 30: Disruption in Volunteers: MacNeill issues a statement about John Redmond’s position;

October 1914
Oct 3: Major Connellan. O’Donovan branch Gaelic League: Major Connellan receives the news of the death of his son; O’Donovan Branch of the Gaelic League formed;
Oct 10: A hard fought election. Court case: Assault on the Aghaviller Councillor;
Oct 21: John Redmond a Freeman of Kilkenny:  “…..freedom of our illustrious and historic city to John E Redmond”
Oct 21: Manchester Martyrs Debate: celebration to be held on Sunday Nov 22nd;

November 1914
Nov 14:  News from the Front: Urlingford private’s story, injuries to Captain Smithwick, Ballyhale soldier’s story;
Nov 14: Manchester Martyrs and the Volunteer split: 4 more German prisoners for Kilkenny gaol; 
Nov 21Cinema opening:  Cinema Theatre opening and will hold 300 people;

December 1914
Dec 19: Main Drainage: compulsory purchase and compensation claims;
Dec 12 , 19: Local Government (Kilkenny People): The case of the Maddoxtown Pump;

County electoral divisions 1899: County Kilkenny electoral divisions
Passage to America: Advertisements for Shipping Lines
Selected minutes 1914: …to elect a fit and proper person to fill the position of Mayor of the City…….
Mayor’s Court Notes: ………illegal Bingo in the Banba Hall

Kilkenny Newspaper  Extracts: Page 1: 1914, Page 2: 1915,  Page 3: 1916