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Everyday Life

Everyday Life in 1916:  PowerPoint Presentation;    Presentation in pdf format (opens in browser); Notes for Everyday life Presentation
Being Irish (1911-1916): people expressed their “Irishness” by various means PowerPoint  presentation; Presentation in pdf format;    Presentation Notes
Farming in the early 20th Century:….. Rural Life in Carlow
Egg Collection...collecting eggs for wounded soldiers
Newspapers:… an insight into everyday life;      Notes for newspapers
Small Ads…………..Kilkenny People 1916small ad
World War 1 Headstones: Activity Sheet

Clo Gaelach: Ceachta beaga Gaeilge (pdf); Ceachta beaga Gaeilge (PowerPoint Presentation); Clo Gaelach Activity

1916 Easter Rising

What happened in your area during the 1916 Rising: Ideas for researching the topic: PowerPoint Presentation; PDF version;
Studying the events surrounding the Easter Rising: a thematic approach: PowerPoint Presentation; PDF version with notes; PDF version (no notes); 

The Leaders of the Rising: Signatories of the 1916 (PowerPoint format); Signatories of the 1916 Rising (PDF Format)
The Leaders of the Rising:  Potted Biographies and related  activitiessignatories

Biography page: Activities (these can also be found on the biography page)
Biographies: working as a historian, a group activity for the classroom: Stand Up Activity
1911 Census: Census Activity: Worksheet (printable); Census Activity: Teachers Notes

Synthesis and Imaginative Reconstruction

Gathering relevant information from a number of sources: PowerPoint Presentation;  pdf version(no notes)  PDF with notes


Bicycles during the War of Independence… Read Moremartial law
Cars in Kilkenny during 1912: …See the full list of owners
Motor Cars..Worksheet
Motor Cars, Vans and Buses…The Donkey and the Bus
Roads and Traffic..An Obstruction
Corbett Wilson in the RFC (1915):.A Kilkenny Aviator
Kilkenny under Martial Law (May 1916) ..Several Arrests in  the City  flying corps
Transport Advertisements..Read about the deals on offer for cars and bicycles









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