of the 1916 Easter Rising (April 24th) ………

excerpts from the Kilkenny People



May 6th
Appeal and Canon Murphy: Appeal for money to help the families of prisoners
Big Military Force in Kilkenny: Large Military Force arrives in Kilkenny
Headline: Full account of the Easter Rising
Incidents of the Revolt: Kilkenny men escape from Dublin
Kilkenny Gentleman’s Exciting Experience; On returning from Fairyhouse racecourse

May 13th:
Angel of Death: Mr John Kealy, Merchant from Upper John Street
Inquest on Patrick Bealen; Castlecomer man’s sad end
Martial law in Operation; Numerous arrests in the city

May 20th:
 Pat O Brien MP, Corporation Resolution;   appeal for clemency for detained prisoners
The Voice of the People;   Kilkenny selected for a special dose of martial law

May 27th:

Prisoner RegulationsCensorship; Kilkenny people affected by censorship
Disgusted Kilkenny woman, Lord Desart;  letter commenting on Lord Desart
 Interesting letter from Mr M Keating MP; denouncing conditions of prisoners
County Council Amnesty Demand; call for amnesty for the rank and file insurgents
UDC Letter from Michael Meagher MP; letter promising release of prisoners
(KP) Censorship; Protest about censorship of the Kilkenny People

June 3rd:
Kilkenny Prisoners, Vice Chair of Council slates Keating; Prisoners released anti Redmond feelings grow
Nowlan, Colbert;  Nowlan in Wakefield prison, death of Con Colbert
Voice Censored; Editor of the Kilkenny people draws attention to censorship
Kilkenny Prisoners, UDC: News of Kilkenny prisoners in Wakefield Prison
‘Neath the Shadow: GAA; The GAA outlines its position as a non political, non sectarian organisation

June 10th:
Telegraph Ship
How Colbert died; The death of Con Colbert described by a priest
Libelling the Gaelic League; letter, denying the receipt of German funds, from the Gaelic league
Voice, Convention; comment on Press Censorship and  the Home Rule Proposals

 Report of the County Inspector: Some sceptical account of the information given by the County Inspector to the Royal Commission on the Rebellion in Ireland
The War of Independence:  A Who’s Who;


Kilkenny People: Reports of  the Rising;
Kilkenny man killed in the Rising: The story of the death of Paddy Baylon as told by Jim Maher;
Kilkenny Prisoners: the arrest and imprisonment of the Kilkenny volunteers after the rising.


Extracts from Easter Week in Ireland by BJ Hackett (as summarised by Brian Boyd);
The story of the great fires: as told by Johnswell  man Thomas Purcell, Captain of Dublin Fire Brigade;
Father Albert Bibby by Jim Maher: Father Albert was summoned to Kilmainham Jail to attend to the leaders of the Rising; (subject to author’s approval);
Lincoln Jail Album: drawings by the Prisoners in Lincoln Jail, (with the kind permission of Pádraigín Ní Dhubhluachra);

May 20th: Dillon on Skeffington: John Dillon relates the account, by the widow of the death of Sheehy Skeffington;
May 20th:  The Old John Dillon : John Dillon’s old fire renewed by events surrounding Marshall law and executions;
Skeffington’s Father: A statement by Sheehy Skeffingtons father;