St. Patrick’s Day 1916 Parade to St. John’s church. Lee Enfield rifles carried.

April 1916 Cathal Brugha in Kilkenny. Arrangements for rising. Tom Stallard said March. Cathal Brugha came down to say there was going to be a rising. The Kilkenny men held a meeting and sent Peter de Loughrey and Pat Corcoran to see Mc Neill. He said the first he knew about it was when people from around the country came to him. They came to an agreement that Kilkenny would only rise on McNeill’s orders.

About ten days before Easter Sunday Lalor, De Loughrey, Corcoran, Furlong drove to Skeaterpark in Wexford in De Loughrey’s car and collected Gelignite from Furlong’s brother. It eventually went to GHQ in Dublin. Tuesday of Holy Week they went to the Swan and then Wolfhill Colliery and got more gelignite

Jim Lalor had a motor cycle and went to Enniscorthy with a dispatch for Seamus Doyle at a printing works in Enniscorthy. “I had no idea what this dispatch was about.”

Some time before the rising, Josie Stallard coming home on holidays brought a letter to Peter De Loughrey – didn’t know the contents and at the time was not a member of Cumann na mBan. Her sister’s boyfriend Ted O’Kelly gave her the letter and he was in the Volunteers.

When the fighting was on in Dublin probably on Monday or Tuesday night of Easter Week, my two sisters and myself visited De Loughrey’s shop where we found Ginger O’Connell and some of the Volunteers. Peter was in great distress and my reading of his state of mind was that Commandant O’Connell restrained them from going out to fight, while Peter and the others were anxious to do their part in the Rising.”

Plans for rising. Connolly kidnapped by Military Council. Agreement reached that he would be taken into their confidence. Military Council planned rising for Sunday 23 April.

MacNeill countermands orders for “route marches” on Easter Sunday. Rising goes ahead in Dublin on Easter Monday.

Easter Week, Ginger O’Connell in Kilkenny. Arms from Borris. Jim Lalor’s trip to Limerick

May 3rd, arrest of O’Connell. 4th DeLoughrey and James Nolan arrested.

May 5th, reinforcements for army and police. Arrests begin. Treacy gives 26 names including his own.

May 9th, John Kealy died on way to Railway Station.

May 12th , 23 Kilkenny prisoners including Sean Gibbons removed from Richmond Barracks to Wakefield Prison.

May 16th, Kilkenny Corporation protests at arrests of local young men

June 7th – 16 of the prisoners released.

June 30th , letters from local MPs to Corporation following representations about the arrests.

July 7th, Corporation expresses sympathy on death of John Daly of Limerick, an old Fenian and freeman of Kilkenny, and uncle of Ned Daly executed after the rising.

July 25th , Letter to Corporation from Madge Daly, niece of John and sister of Ned, expressing thanks to the Corporation.

Mid August remainder of prisoners released from Wakefield and Frongoch.

October 24th Call from Kilkenny Corporation for amnesty for the remaining prisoners.

December 12th Corporation calls for better treatment of prisoners

The Kilkenny people reports the Rising

August 1917:   Kilkenny City bye-election won by W.T. Cosgrave

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Kilkenny People reports the Rising


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