April 2nd, Cumann na mBan formed in Wynn’s Hotel. Leaders – Jennie Wyse Power, Margaret Dobbs, Agnes O’ Farrelly, Mary Colum, Louise Gavan Duffy.

Hannah Sheehy Skeffington attacked the new organisation as an “animated collection box” for the Volunteers.

May 7th 1915, Lusitania torpedoed off Old Head of Kinsale. Bodies brought ashore at Queenstown (Cobh)

November 23rd 1915, Manchester Martyrs oration delivered by Sean McDermott in Rothe House. Lee-Enfield rifles carried. This needs to be checked in Kilkenny People. The date may be wrong or the meeting may not have been reported.

The IRB, decided to use the opportunity provided by the war to rebel. They secretly controlled the Irish Volunteer executive. James Connolly and the Citizen Army later joined the plan.

May 26th, Coalition ministry formed in Britain. Eight Unionist members of new Government. The Home Rule Act was due to come into operation on September 27th but was postponed until after the war.

July 5th, Death of O’Donovan Rossa. Corporation to attend funeral in state with sword and mace

July 1915 O’Donovan Rossa funeral

August 24th and 31st, Kilkenny Corporation protests at “banishment of Irishmen,” a reference to orders under DORA (Defence of the Realm Act) requiring prominent advanced nationalists to reside outside of Ireland.

September 1915, IRB created Military Council to plan rising – Clarke, MacDermott, Plunket, Pearse. MacNeill nominal head of Irish Volunteers but IRB men around the country who were Volunteer officers would take their orders from Pearse or MacDermott.

Contact with heads of Clan Na Gael in USA – John Devoy, Judge Cohalan, Joseph McGarrity

October 1915 Roger Casement left New York for Germany to get support

Parades of Volunteers, Citizen Army and Cumann na mBan

Oct. 31st 1915, United Irish League Convention City Hall Kilkenny. The United Irish League was the party organisation of Redmond’s Irish Party

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Easter Rising: Events
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