March – Curragh “mutiny”

March 5th 1914, Meeting at City Hall Kilkenny to start Volunteer Movement. Speakers McDonagh and Casement. Local IRB got instructions from Dublin to capture as many positions as possible. Some, including De Loughrey, got on County Committee.

Early March, training commenced in Butter Shed in Market Yard.

Early July, Redmondites and AOH refuse to obey instructor. Incident patched up.

On outbreak of war Redmondites recruiting.

April 7th, Corporation debate motion from De Loughrey expressing reservations about Home Rule Bill. Motion “consigned to waste basket.”

April 1914, Irish Women’s Council / Cumann na mBan founded as auxiliary to Volunteers.

Gradual withdrawal of Nationalist women from IWFL.

April 24th , 35,000 Rifles for Ulster Volunteers landed at Larne, Bangor, Donaghadee

May 25th, final reading of Home Rule Bill. Opt-out for Ulster counties proposed.

June 9th Redmond delivers ultimatum through the press demanding nominees on the executive of the Volunteers.

June 16th, Committee of Irish Volunteers accepted 25 nominees of John Redmond.

July 26th , Howth gun-running. 1,500 rifles for Irish Volunteers. Bachelor’s Walk shootings, three dead, many wounded. Other landings at Kilcoole and Bere Island

Kilkenny Corporation protests at Bachelor’s Walk shootings

August 3rd, Redmond in House of Commons says “Ireland will be defended by her own armed sons” meaning that the Irish National Volunteers would be available to the government for this purpose in the event of war.

August 4th, British Government declared war on Germany

August 25th, Request from Volunteers for two gas lamps in the Market Yard.

Early September, Parade at Market Yard. Fr.Rowe and Fr. Moore advocated Redmondite line. DeLoughrey, Pat Corcoran and Ned Comerford opposed.

September 18th, Home Rule Act finally put on Statute Book. Suspensory Act passed postponing the implementation until after the war.

Mayor of Kilkenny, John Magennis informed by telegram and requests citizens to illuminate their houses. Parade through city, bands etc. Kilkenny Journal editorial “Thank you for nothing.”

September 20th, In a speech at Woodenbridge in Wicklow, John Redmond pledges support for war effort, and asks young Irishmen not just to remain at home to defend Ireland but to go “wherever the firing line extends.”

September 24th, the Provisional Committee declared that pending the holding of a Volunteer Convention the original Provisional Committee minus the Redmondite nominees would run the Volunteer organisation. They declared their rejection of any legislative dismemberment of Ireland, called for the establishment of a national government and rejected the right of any man to offer up the lives of Irishmen and women until such a government existed.

This caused a split in the Irish National volunteers. About 170,000 remained with Redmond as the National Volunteers. Twelve thousand followed the original executive committee and formed the Irish Volunteers.

The women’s organisation split also. A new Cumann na mBan was formed from the small remaining group.

Early September full parade in Market Yard. About 650 men. Rev J Rowe and Rev Philip Moore spoke in favour of Redmondites. Peter De Loughrey, Pat Corcoran and Ned Comerford replied. De Loughrey called on all who stood for Ireland and the Green Flag to line up near the Poultry Shed. Twenty-eight did so.

Over the course of the war 1914 to 1918, more than 200, 000 Irishmen joined the British Army.

October 10th, Freedom of city conferred on John Redmond. Speech reported, reservations in Kilkenny Journal editorial about reference to opponents (mainly Sinn Fein) as guilty of “Cornerboyism.” Editor notes that local representatives were respected citizens whatever their opinions. Photograph of “our latest fellow citizen.”

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